Fellow Nomination Form

ASNM Fellow Definition

The ASNM bylaws defines a Fellow as someone who has made outstanding contributions to the field of neurophysiological monitoring which may include a significant contribution to ASNM and has been a member of the Society in good standing for at least five years. The Fellowship subcommittee shall review all nominations and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be the final authority in the granting of Fellowship.

ASNM Fellow Nomination Criteria

The Fellowship Nomination form must be completed and submitted by the Nominator. Nominations are received and reviewed by the Awards Subcommittee. To be considered for acceptance as an ASNM Fellow, the Awards Subcommittee uses the scoring system described below. If a nominee meets the minimum requirements, the Awards Subcommittee will make a recommendation to the ASNM Board of Directors. Fellowship status is ultimately determined by the Board of Directors. Candidates must meet a minimum score of 8 of 10, including meeting the required criteria, to warrant consideration by the Board.

Scoring System


1. Currently be a Full Member in good standing with at least 5 years of continuous membership in the category of Full Member.

2. Have 2 letters of recommendation speaking to the candidate’s high standards, ethical practice and reputation. At least one of these letters must come from an ASNM Full Member in good standing.

3. Have documentation of a significant contribution to the field of IONM with at least 2 of the 3 categories below (Teaching, Research and Service). Please note that Service to the ASNM Board or a Committee is required.


3a. Development of a significant academic training program in IONM. This could include the training and development of new or experienced IONM practitioners at either technologist or physician level in a private or public setting, or at an academic institution.

3b. Giving multiple lectures or presentations related to IONM at clinical meetings.


3c. Authored or co-authored multiple scientific papers, chapters, or books related to IONM.


3d. Organizing scientific or instructional conferences for ASNM. (e.g. program chair or active participant  in a program committee for an annual meeting, symposium, webinar, or other similar ASNM educational offering)

3e. Outstanding service to an ASNM committee. This must include either active participation as a member of a recognized ASNM committee or outstanding service to a committee from a non-member verified by a recommending individual.

3f. Attendance at multiple ASNM symposiums and/or Annual Meetings

3g. Outstanding service or membership on the ASNM Board. This must include serving as a member of the board or performing outstanding special services to the board as a non-board member, verified by a recommending individual.

3h. Outstanding service to the profession at all levels. This is open to interpretation, but could include service to other IONM societies and to the community at large.

Nomination Deadlines

ASNM calls for Fellow nominations each year. Call for Fellow nominations close January 15 for consideration. Fellow membership nominations are open to any member in good standing who meets the ASNM Fellow Membership requirements. Self-submissions will not be accepted.

Before Submitting

Please review all sections of the nomination form before submitting the online nomination form located below. Questions can be emailed to asnm@affinity-strategies.com. Thank you. 

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